Rosemary becomes the prime suspect

The King brothers are delighted when the police arrive to question Rosemary. She’s rattled when they quiz her about her first husband’s death and is forced to admit that she was due to meet Tom just before he died. She immediately suspects that Perdy has betrayed her and confronts her, but Matthew protects Perdy by lying that he found out about Rosemary’s first husband by hiring a private detective.

Jimmy goes to see Carrie and accuses her of being a tart after Tom’s money. He tells her to stay away from the family but she retorts that she won’t see her daughter denied her inheritance. Carrie ends up slapping Jimmy and he leaves, but just as he gets into his car he sees a schoolgirl arriving and realises it’s his first sight of his half-sister, Scarlett.

Edna blames Pearl for Tootsie’s pups and blanks her in the street. And her mood isn’t helped by the realisation that the father could be a Dingle dog!

Also, Zak is torn when Rosemary offers to sponsor Belle to go to private school.