Carrie pays Home Farm a visit in a bid to see Matthew, and a scheming Rosemary uses the opportunity to probe her for some info. Carrie admits that she’s had no contact with Tom since they ended their affair, apart from the monthly maintenance cheque that he sent her for Scarlett.

Carrie lets slip that Matthew attempted to buy Scarlett’s shares from her and Rosemary advises Carrie to fight her corner, realising that it would be helpful to have an ally against the Kings.

Elsewhere, Pollard tells Val that he’s been invited on a beano to Spain with the council and he’s keen to go along. A disgruntled Val reminds Pollard that they’re very busy at the factory and it just won’t be possible. Miserable, Pollard perks up when David suggests that he step in and run the business while he’s abroad. Val is less sure of David’s intentions and has a funny feeling that he’s not to be trusted…

Debbie realises that Shadrach has written off the taxi and, of course, she has no insurance to cover the loss. A furious Debbie storms over to the Dingles and demands that Shadrach pay for a new car. When Shadrach refuses, a determined Debbie threatens to tell the police that he stole the car. Appalled at Debbie’s outburst, Zak reminds her that she is bound by the Dingle code and must support the family.