Rosemary plots to do away with Perdy

Rosemary is determined to sabotage Perdy’s attempts to settle back into married life with Grayson and she tells Katie that she found some hidden pills and she’s worried about what Perdy may be planning. Katie falls for Rosemary’s lies and she tells Grayson of Rosemary’s fears. Perdy is scared by Rosemary’s scheming when Grayson confronts her. Meanwhile, Rosemary drafts a suicide note from Perdy.

Jo is excited when Andy gets his final divorce papers but Andy tells her that they’re too skint to go on their planned holiday to celebrate. Jo is in a sulk and the couple have a huge row.

David decides to try some dirty tactics to get the De Souzas to back off and he orders Jasmine and Betty to add paint stripper to the De Souza cleaner’s cloths. Val is furious when she discovers half the varnish scoured off the bar and she sacks the company and re-awards David the contract. David later gets a visit from the De Souza rep, who informs him that Mrs De Souza would like to meet him.

Also, Laurel schemes to matchmake Emily and the Bishop.