Rosemary takes control

Rosemary is delighted when poor Perdy is distraught about her missing kitten and she feeds Perdy with more pills, convincing her it will calm her down. Perdy thinks she can hear scratching in the attic, but when she goes to look she’s surprised to see packs of babygrows. Perdy is confused when Rosemary tells her that Perdy must have ordered them on Grayson’s credit card and she breaks down.

Lexi and Carrie are still at odds and Lexi decides to have a night out on the town with Chas to cheer herself up. When the girls both see an attractive guy they like they bet on who can bed him first. Lexi makes a fool of herself and Chas wins the bet and bags the man.

Pearl is grateful when Duke offers to accompany her when she goes to collect her wages from Pollard. When Pollard refuses to pay up, Pearl and Duke hurl stones at Jacob’s Fold and smash a window. Pollard calls the police and Pearl and Duke are arrested.

Also, Chas chooses to quit the Woolpack to work full time for Paddy when Val gives her an ultimatum.