Rosemary turns Gray against Perdy

Matthew pays Perdy a visit and warns her not to trust Rosemary. Grayson gets in and is furious to see Matthew with his wife and he tells him to get out. Rosemary guesses from Gray’s reaction that Perdy and Matthew have some history and she uses the information to try to convince Gray to get rid of Perdy. Rosemary insinuates that Perdy is driving herself mad now that she can no longer have a child and she suggests that Perdy would be better off in hospital. Gray wonders if his mother is right.

Lexi admits to Carrie that Chas and Eli know she’s been in jail. Chas confronts Eli and insists that he stops giving a Lexi a hard time and accidentally lets slip that she was in jail in Mexico. Eli continues his blackmail, but Lexi has had enough and instead of paying him his money she confesses her jail time to Scarlett. Carrie is furious, while Scarlett is angry with Carrie for trying to hide the truth from her.

Also, Ashley prepares for Laurel’s return but she’s further delayed when Hilary has another setback; Viv loses her Courier column to a child specialist.