Rosemary twists the knife into Perdy

Rosemary ups her plan to send Perdy crackers and she adds more pills to Perdy’s dinner. Perdy is fraught when Katie innocently answers the phone in Gray’s hotel room and Rosemary is pleased to see her plan working. Perdy conks out after Rosemary adds pills to her dinner and Rosemary spirits away Perdy’s new kitten. Rosemary deliberately leaves the door open, and makes out that it was Perdy’s fault when she wakes.

Kelly confides in Scarlett that she’s going to have an abortion and Scarlett offers to go to the clinic with her. Carrie, meanwhile, is unnerved that Scarlett is spending so much time with Kelly and she tells Scarlett to find some friends her own age. Kelly and Jimmy interrupt their conversation and Carrie has to backtrack, although Kelly feels guilty that she’s confided in Scarlett about the abortion.

Jasmine finally tells Pearl the truth about how Pollard and David conned her, although she puts the blame squarely on Pollard’s shoulders. Pearl is furious and tears up Pollard’s rental agreement. Jasmine encourages Pearl to sell her story to the paper to get her own back.

Also, Jimmy doesn’t take to boozy Lexi.