Rosemary uses Zak to wind up Shadrach

Zak is growing weary of Shadrach’s refusal to believe that there’s nothing going on between him and Rosemary and Zak feels forced to admit Shadrach’s mistaken assumption to Rosemary. Zak is surprised when Rosemary finds the whole idea hilarious and decides to go along with it. Rosemary tells a gobsmacked Shadrach that Zak is a stallion between the sheets, then kisses Zak in front of him!

Daz and Jamie head over to the village hall to ogle the girls as they prepare for the Miss Emmerdale beauty pageant but there’s already tensions between the contestants and Katie and Jo are at each others’ throats. Daz, however, only has eyes for Louise and it’s clear that he’s fallen for her after seeing her in one of the beauty queen outfits. After the rehearsal, Louise confides her insecurities to a smitten Daz and is grateful for his support, little realising his feelings for her.

Jimmy and Carl are feeling gloomy in the run-up to their court appearance with Matthew, despite the efforts of Kelly and Chas to cheer them up. The brothers meet up in the Woolpack and are feeling sombre, but Matthew insists that the hearing is just a formality, and if they all stick together they’ll come through it unscathed.

Also, Edna won’t let Debbie have a puppy; Turner finds a ‘celebrity’ to open the pageant.