Rosemary’s sinister past is revealed!

Matthew is shocked when Perdy reveals that Rosemary’s first husband died in a mysterious shooting accident, leaving her with a small fortune. Convinced it’s more than a coincidence that both of Rosemary’s rich husbands died in strange circumstances, he begs Perdy to go to the police and she agrees to make a statement.

With their business relocating to Home Farm, Perdy and Katie are wary when Rosemary wants to see their books. Perdy realises her mother-in-law’s interference won’t stop there and reconsiders signing their deal, but Katie is desperate to keep the business and they agree to Rosemary’s demands.

Edna is worried about Tootsie but when Billy examines her, he reveals that she’s in labour. As Tootsie gives birth to her puppies, Edna wonders who their dad could be and realises she must have got pregnant when Pearl lost her.

Also, Jimmy decides to visit Carrie; and Turner’s not impressed with Louise’s suggestion to hold a beauty pageant.