Rose’s Turn

Orson realises that his neighbour Rose Kemper could get him into big trouble if she starts talking any more about her break-in shortly before Edie’s death. She’d hit him with a baseball bat in the fracas but he insists to doctors that the bruising on his forehead was due to a fall.

Orson then hatches a plan to convince doctors that Mrs Kemper has lost the plot and needs special care, but he’s still not off the hook. When Bree learns about the circumstances of Mrs Kemper’s break-in she becomes convinced of Orson’s involvement. She has a heart-to-heart with son Andrew about her husband’s lying and stealing and decides to start divorce proceedings.

Gaby instigates a takeover at the local gardening club, where she reckons there’s too much horticulture and not enough boozing and socialising. Gaby ropes in house-husband Tom to help her make the coup, but it backfires when he becomes friendly with local man-eater Patty Rizzo and Gaby fears Tom might be unfaithful to Lynette.

Meanwhile, things get awkward between Lynette and Carlos when she slips over naked in the shower and her boss discovers her unconscious. When she finally comes round, tucked up in bed, Lynette tells Carlos she’d rather Tom didn’t find out about this embarrassing scene. But of course everything comes out at a tense dinner party later that night, then Lynette finds out about Tom’s flirting with Patty Rizzo.

Finally, Susan pops round to cheer-up Dave, who she thinks is feeling suicidal after Edie’s death. She talks about her part in a car accident some years ago, not knowing it was Dave’s wife and daughter that were killed. When Susan admits she was driving the car but Mike agreed to take the rap, Dave suddenly sees a new target for his revenge plans. Will he go after Susan – or her young son MJ?