Rosie and Fraser get hitched!

Only just making it to the church on time, Rosie and Frazer enjoy their dream wedding, with Frazer even leaving his wheelchair for his special day. Their perfect day ends with the happy couple leaving for their honeymoon, oblivious to the terrible disaster about to happen to the remaining guests…

Having tried to restrain themselves before the wedding, Carmella and Ringo are on the brink of passion, until Carmella realises Ringo has never slept with anybody before. Reminded again of how young Ringo is, Carmella freaks out and makes a swift exit, leaving Ringo upset, mistakenly believing his lack of experience has turned Carmella off him.

Later, Carmella does her best to avoid Ringo, but as she listens to his mature and moving wedding speech, she’s torn, and knows she to make the difficult decision of whether to pursue a relationship with someone so young.

Ned’s brother Steve moves to Erinsborough with his wife, Miranda, and daughter, Bridget. The Parkers immediately sense the underlying romantic tension between Ned and Janae. But they soon realise they have far more to catch up on when they meet Mickey and learn that Ned’s a dad.