Finding it hard to cope with Rosie’s rejection, Paul seeks out an old flame, but realises he’s obsessed and isn’t interested in anyone else but Rosetta. Despite her own attraction for Paul, Pepper tries to counsel him, while Frazer thinks he might have a chance with Rosie when he learns about the rejection and Rosie and Paul’s disastrous date.

Later, he takes Rosie to Lassiter’s, and the pair get on like a house on fire, Rosie begins to see Frazer in a different light and is charmed by his humour. Meanwhile, Paul is doing his best to sabotage their date – but his scheming only serves to bring Rosie and Frazer closer together.

The pair end up sharing a kiss, witnessed by an annoyed Paul. Pepper tells Paul that it looks like Rosie has made her choice but Paul tells her he’s not giving up on Rosie – it’s not over till he says so.

Sky is disappointed that she has little in common with her ultra conservative middle-aged local mothers group, and calls in Stingray to ‘play’ her husband. The pair have a good time fooling the other mums that they’re a young successful married couple, but Harold’s unimpressed, and reprimands Sky for her immature behaviour.