Rosie and Frazer leave Ramsay St

Ringo convinces the reluctant Prue to let him live with the Kennedy-Kinskis. But, after prompting from Frazer, he realises he has to be honest with all his friends about his eating disorder and he admits his illness at his 18th birthday party. Confident that Ringo is on the road to recovery, Rosie and Frazer bid farewell to Ramsay Street as they head off for Italy.

Still feeling that he doesn’t match up to Taylah’s ex-boyfriend, Zeke attempts to impress her. But his out-of-character actions cause her to question why he has changed so much, and he admits his insecurities. Touched by his feelings for her, Taylah invites him to take their relationship a step further.

Samantha is continuing to feel uncomfortable with the sexual tension between Libby and Dan. Feeling powerless, she is pleased when Dan shows his commitment to their relationship by asking her to move in.

Also, the celebrations get messy at Ringo’s 18th birthday party. Rebecca and Steve are forced to try to take control but in the chaos, Steve accidentally knocks Rebecca over.

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