Rosie sneaks out to meet John on Christmas morning, but she’s miffed when he admits that he still hasn’t dumped Fiz. Meanwhile, Fiz can’t resist opening her Christmas present from John, but she is baffled to find sexy lingerie in several sizes too small. The horrifying truth dawns on Fiz that John has been playing away and she storms over to the Websters. Fiz accuses a stunned Sally of stealing her man!

Meanwhile, as soon as John realises that Rosie has Fiz’s present he hurries over to the Websters. But when Rosie walks in with the flannelette pyjamas, it dawns on everyone that the sexy underwear was destined for her. A furious Kevin beats up John and is later arrested for assault and everyone’s Christmas is left in tatters.

David opens his Christmas presents, but they do nothing to alleviate his sense of injustice, while Sarah desperately tries to convince Jason that moving to Italy is a great idea. Jason finally gives in to Sarah’s ear-bashing and she quietly tells Stephen that they will take him up on his offer.

Also, Michelle puts on a cheerful face for Ryan’s sake; Kirk and Chesney turn Roy’s Rolls into a winter wonderland.