Rosie and Max get hitched!

It’s the day before Rosie’s wedding and proud dad Danny wants to feed her up now that she’s eating for two. Meanwhile, everyone is excited about the imminent return of Caroline, especially Du Plessis, who can’t wait to see his fiancee. But he’s devastated when Caroline calls to say it’s too painful for her to be in Africa with memories of her daughter Sarah, and Du Plessis announces that Caroline is never coming back.

After Rosie and Max tie the knot in an intimate ceremony, an emotional Du Plessis decides to drown his sorrows, much to Georgina’s displeasure. Everyone’s shocked when Georgina tells him he’s not good enough for her sister and admits she encouraged Caroline not to return to Africa. Over at Mara, Rose goes to help Vanessa with a rogue elephant that overturned Fatani in his car.

When the elephant charges at her, causing her to fall down a steep incline, Max urges Rosie to rest but she insists she’s fine and goes to check on baby elephant Tula, who isn’t taking to her milk. Danny and Alice to find Rosie passed out beside the elephant and she once again insists she’s fine. But when Rosie develops stomach pains she pleads with Max to get the ultrasound to check on their unborn baby.

Also, Fatani’s near-death experience makes him realise there’s no love in his life. Could Vanessa be the one to change all this?