Rosie and Max’s wedding ends in disaster

As preparations for Rosie and Max’s wedding get underway, Du Plessis discovers that Kriel has reinstated the fences without telling anyone. Kriel warns that if the animals aren’t moved back to Leopard’s Den, they will lose them – but Danny worries that a move will put pressure on the animals’ waterhole.

Amy defies her husband and offers to host Rosie’s hen do. Max’s stag party is an uneasy affair as Max’s father Henry grudgingly attends – but the girls at Mara are having a great time. Both parties are thrown into chaos by a blackout, caused by the displaced elephants digging up cables in their search for water.

In the darkness, Henry fires a shot into the bush and hits a young zebra. As Danny tries to save the animal, Du Plessis punches Henry and Max bans his father from the wedding. The next day, as the others head into the bush for the ceremony, Henry and wife Beth realise that a bush fire is heading for Leopard’s Den…

As everyone battles to fight the fire, the roof of the animal hospital is set alight – and Danny and Sarah watch in despair as their precious building goes up in flames.