Sally‘s getting frustrated with Rosie and tells her to sell her car and stop sponging off her and Kevin. Rosie has other plans though and stuns John in the café by announcing she wants to be a doctor. He’s diplomatic until he realises she wants money from him and declines. She threatens to accuse John of assault if he does not give her £50,000 and when he refuses Rosie starts screaming for help.

Teresa persuades Lloyd to throw a party. Unbeknownst to him she invites Graeme, Sean and the factory girls, telling them the party has a theme: Vicars and Liz! The factory girls meet in the pub, with Janice, Kelly and Fiz dressed in Liz-inspired outfits and Sean dressed as a vicar. Liz obliviously compliments Fiz’s outfit but eventually twigs what’s going on when Graeme turns up looking uncannily like her. Teresa arrives with a mortified Lloyd.

Molly’s worried that Kevin has changed his mind, so she’s relieved and delighted when he meets her at the motel and confirms that he is ready to leave Sally.

Also; Ken promises to buy Simon a bike for Christmas and scans the local paper for work. Becky and Clare agree to go on a night out; Eddie spots a money making opportunity.

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