Rosie is furious when Kevin accuses her of having an affair with Tony when he spies Tony kissing her goodbye on the cheek. Rosie flounces out and is determined to give Tony the info he needs on the garage. When Kevin leaves the garage on a job she has just enough time to steal the client list that Tony wanted. Carla feels uneasy about using Rosie, but Tony is unconcerned.

Lloyd is not looking forward to Steve returning from Spain and finally tells him over the phone that he has told Michelle that Steve is going to propose to her. Lloyd is also uncomfortable about Becky working behind the bar and suggests she quits before Steve returns. But an oblivious Michelle is keen to keep Becky around and Becky refuses to leave.

Maria is less than impressed with Liam’s attempts to discuss business with Tom, as every meeting seems to end up in the pub! Liam nurses a hangover and she tells him that baby-making is off the agenda until he gets his act together.

Also, Sean bakes Carla a cake in a bid to get his job back, but Tony is in no mood for forgiveness; Sally is angry to find Teresa’s fag butts on their conservatory roof.