Sophie is still feeling confused and confesses to Sian that Ryan tried to kiss her. Gutted, Sian storms out to confront him. Caught in the headlights he blurts out that Sophie’s lying to split them up, and it was her that came onto him. Sophie insists it’s not true, but as Ryan pleads with Sian she sides with him and throws Sophie out. Meanwhile, Rosie brings her footballer boyfriend Kyle home for dinner.

Leanne’s still kicking herself, but when she finds the engagement ring she has an idea. Apologising to Michelle she invites everyone back to the Rovers. Ciaran gets Peter there and as he walks in he sees all his friends. Peter’s confused until a nervous Leanne goes down on one knee and asks Peter to marry her.

John’s in the cafe and bumps into an old teaching colleague, Colin. Revealing he’s quitting teaching and moving abroad Colin invites him to his leaving do that night. John’s unsure but Fiz insists they go.

Also, Janice is gutted to discover Trev spent the night at Carla’s; Leanne’s friend Cheryl causes a stir in the Rovers.

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