Michelle agrees to a date with Luke, while Rosie puts on a brave face at the factory but inside her heart is breaking. As Sophie tries to assure her that she can have any man she wants, it only serves to make her more determined to win Luke back. But things get worse when she spots Michelle and Luke kissing.

It’s Fiz‘s 25th birthday but the day is marred when Kirk announces he’s moving out. As he bids Chesney and Schmeichel an emotional farewell, he arrives on Maria’s doorstep. Chesney’s furious and blames Fiz entirely. Hoping for some respite Fiz heads to the prison to visit John. But when he tells her his gift to her is the wedding vows he’s written it seems Fiz can’t escape her lies.

Rita contemplates life away from The Kabin as an estate agent shows her around one of the Victoria Court flats. Looking in the face of life as a lady of leisure Rita tells Norris she’s come to a decision.

Also, Tina’s highly amused when Jason informs her that he has made the finals of Mr Gay UK and decides to throw a house party to celebrate.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Jason and Tina’s house party gets off to an uneasy start with the arrival of an uninvited David and his new girlfriend Zoe. But it all kicks off when Rosie barges in, she spots Luke kissing Michelle in and in full view of everyone she grabs Michelle by the hair. The catfight spills into the street where Rosie’s left thoroughly humiliated. Back at home Sophie tries to shut Rosie in for the night with a girls’ night in, but Rosie’s soon struck with another crazy idea.

Maria’s persuaded a glum Fiz to go to the party, Anna treats it as a secret hen do and as the guests sing Happy Birthday to Fiz she’s touched. But will her happiness be short-lived as Chesney explains the depth of his hatred of John to Gary.

Darryl talks to Amber about university. She admits to him that she hates it and can’t bare to stay there. When she asks him to kiss her he is only to happy to oblige.

Also; Tina’s less than happy to hear that Norris is now the sole proprietor of The Kabin; Leon arrives to see Jason with news about his entry into Mr Gay UK.