Rosie drops out of school

Rosie shows Sasha and Spencer the cute baby outfits she has been buying, but Sasha tells Rosie that it might be time to think about practical things. Sid tells Sasha that although he is proud of her for supporting Rosie, she has her HSC to think about. Holly finds out about the pregnancy and tells Rosie that she can’t even look after herself, how is she going to bring up a child? Rosie is shaken and decides to drop out of school.

Brax tries to convince Sergeant Emerson that Casey has been framed. After seeing Brax’s distress Ricky pleads with Adam to let this go. Tamara can smell a rat, but still suspects Kyle. Ricky plays along, but it’s clear that after seeing the harm she has caused, she can’t hold onto the lie for much longer.

Casey is being questioned and tells Sergeant Emerson that Jett James was there when the money was delivered, but Casey doesn’t want him to be involved. He has no idea why someone would set him up.

When Brax finds out that Casey made a statement without his lawyer present he’s angry and tells Casey to keep his mouth shut. Casey asks him to tell Tamara to stay away while he’s in prison, and she’s less than impressed.