Kevin‘s upset to find a glamour shot of Rosie on a billboard and when Rosie says she’s saving for a boob job, Sally slaps her. Telling her that her glamour modelling ambitions are causing embarrassment for her family.

Joe and Gail enjoy their honeymoon in the lakes and Joe suggests they bring the boat next time. But Joe’s mind is really back in Weatherfield worrying about what Rick will do next. Tina meanwhile is oblivious to the potential danger and is more concerned about Nick Tilsley’s whereabouts.

Norris is shocked when Mary turns up back on the street. He pretends to be happy to see her, but she plays it cool and suggests they have dinner as friends.

Also, Molly tries to make an effort on her wedding anniversary, but she can’t stop thinking about Kevin and just hopes Tyrone doesn’t notice.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin and Sally have a long debate and decide the time has come to tell the girls about Sally’s battle with cancer. Rosie and Sophie are shocked they didn’t notice and are devastated to learn the news.

Molly is still feeling guilty, but goes ahead and ‘celebrates’ her second wedding anniversary with Tyrone. She knows nothing about Kevin and Sally’s decision to tell their children about the cancer and feels selfish that she can’t just enjoy her time with Tyrone.

Gail and Joe arrive back in Weatherfield but they didn’t anticipate an unwelcome surprise. Ted seeks out Joe and Joe tells him that he’ll return his loan as soon as the house has sold. He can’t think of any way out but does starts researching life insurance.

Also, Norris is in a state of panic over Mary’s dinner invitation, not sure of her true feelings.

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