Rosie flaunts her newfound wealth

Rosie throws another sickie and Sally is taken aback when Rosie shrugs off her concerns. Sally is puzzled when she learns that Rosie has visited John in prison, but the mystery is solved when Rosie turns up in the pub laden with shopping bags and reveals that she’s been out spending some of the 150,000 headed into her bank account tomorrow. Fiz is stunned when she finds out what John has done and when she calls the prison to talk to him she discovers that he’s been put on suicide watch.

Janice is at the Rovers celebrating her birthday with the factory girls. They are all stunned when they hear about Rosie’s big news. Luke has also heard what’s going on and he realises that Rosie won’t be returning to her job and instead offers it to Janice.

Molly picks up the account books from the garage and tells Kevin she’ll meet him in the gym after work. Molly detects an atmosphere between Kevin and Jason and Kevin confesses he accused Jason of fancying her. Molly is stunned.

Also, Anna and Eddie take a cake to Gail’s as a peace offering; Tony waits hand and foot on Maria and even gives her a shoulder massage!

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