Rosie is miffed after her night in the hotel with John when he can’t get away quick enough, claiming he has to get back to Fiz. Rosie tells John that she’s fed up with all their furtiveness and she refuses to share him any longer. John panics when Rosie insists that unless he tell Fiz about their affair, she will but he can’t bring himself to split up with Fiz on Christmas Eve.

Liam is furious with Carla for letting slip to Maria about their kiss and he confronts his sister-in-law for making their secret public. Carla acts blase and tries to make out that the kiss meant nothing to her, which was why she mentioned it. Carla slyly points out that she didn’t realise their kiss meant so much to him but Liam furiously denies it.

Michelle and Steve try to get into the Christmas spirit for Ryan and Amy’s sake, but Michelle can’t get the question over Ryan’s parentage off her mind. Michelle tells Steve that she’s decided to go and see Nick today to try and put it all behind her but Steve is worried.

Also, Sarah drops hints to Stephen that she and Jason would like to move abroad.

*Second episode*

Michelle confronts Nick and tells him that she’s decided that she will not be having a DNA test, despite his request that she go ahead. Nick tries to convince Michelle that they all need to know the truth and she hesitantly agrees to do the test. But once she is alone with Steve she tells him that is she is confused over what to do for the best.

John is terrified that Rosie will admit their affair to Fiz so he comes up with some half-hearted excuse in an attempt to dump her. Jon tells Fiz that he wants to make a go of his career before settling down. Fiz stops John before he can do the deed and begs him not to call things off with her. A guilty John backtracks and Rosie is furious, pressuring him to dump Fiz as soon as Christmas is over.

Sarah is delighted when Stephen falls for her hints and asks her if Jason would be interested in the job in Italy. Sarah excitedly agrees on Jason’s behalf but when Jason finds out he isn’t so sure that he’s ready to make such a big move.

Also, Becky invites Kirk and Chesney for Christmas dinner with her and Roy.