A distraught Rosie and Frazer struggle to accept the news that there was no baby, and Rosie’s subsequent denial of what she’s been told is made worse by the surprise baby shower. With Sam’s support and advice, Rosie plucks up the courage to break the news to the shocked Ramsay Street residents. But later, when Frazer tries to comfort the dejected Rosie, he is shocked by her conviction that she is to blame for the tragedy.

After hearing the news that Sam is now staying on in Erinsborough, Libby vows to accept Dan and Samantha’s renewed relationship. Meanwhile, Dan is impressed by Samantha’s inner-strength when her emotions are tested by the news of Rosie’s baby tragedy. A happier Sam reminds Dan of what they once had together, and the pair end up sealing their newfound bond with a kiss.

Steve and Rebecca continue to clash over their different parenting styles. As their debate escalates, Miranda tries to confront Steve about what is really going on. But a stubborn Steve refuses to accept that his unresolved feelings towards his dad are at the root of the conflict with Rebecca.