Rosie makes a move on John!

Rosie cries off work – but Sally soon learns the real reason for her absence when Liam tells her about Rosie’s crush on him. Sally tells a surly Rosie to stick to boys not men and Rosie is angry that everyone treats her like a kid. John turns up for his lesson with Sally and when he finds an upset Rosie he comforts her. Rosie leans in and gives John a kiss – and John doesn’t pull away!

Gail is pleased that Sarah and Todd have called a truce and she suggests that the family go to dinner at the Italian with Todd and the Grimshaws. David feels sidelined when he sees them all heading off happily to the restaurant.

Roy and Hayley get back from their trip away and they seem to have resolved their differences over the incident with Christian. But Hayley reveals to Becky that she’s realised how empty she is and she wants to help other people. Becky is stunned when Hayley tells her that she’s been in contact with a community volunteer group in Africa and she’s decided to apply to help out.

Also, Eileen tells a fed up Jodie that she’ll have to bail out Jerry as he needs £1,000 to pay his fine.