Carla tells a reluctant Tony to take Rosie out for cocktails to keep her sweet after blowing her out for the fashion awards, while she secretly arranges another meeting with Liam. Rosie is chuffed with Tony’s invite, especially when Janice suggests he may want more than cocktails.

Rosie puts on her sexiest outfit and Tony does his best to turn on the charm, but as Rosie gets increasingly drunk she misreads the signals. Rosie slips away and gets a room in the hotel and invites Tony to meet her upstairs! Meanwhile, Liam entertains Carla at home while Maria is out and suggests they go on to a bar.

Kevin is still furious with Rosie for giving Tony the client list and wonders how he’ll ever pull the business out of the hole it’s in. But things start to look up for him and Tyrone when the new pick-up truck arrives and it heralds a new start for them and the company.

Also, Steve and Ryan are delighted when Michelle returns from her tour; Clarissa agrees to take Harry back as long as they leave the street; Janice and Leanne nervously wait for the lottery money to show up in the fake bank account.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tony follows Rosie up to the room and discovers her lying on the bed wearing very little! Rosie seductively beckons him over, but Tony throws her dress at her and tells her that her dad would be ashamed. Rosie is humiliated and angry as Tony asks her why she thinks he’d possibly be interested in her when he’s about to marry Carla.

Rosie’s humiliation is compounded when an angry Tony sacks her and she snaps and shows him the footage of Carla and Liam kissing on her mobile. Tony is stunned, but he manages to keep it together and lies that he knows about the kiss. Rosie is sceptical and points out the lengths Carla went to in order to buy her silence. Tony grimly tells Rosie that if she keeps her mouth shut, she can keep her job.

Mel and Darryl are surprised when Jerry takes the kids out of school to go to Spain and Jerry confesses that he’s planning to make a fresh start and move abroad permanently. Jerry suggests that Mel and Darryl join him as soon as he gets settled.

Also, Janice and Leanne get their hands on the lottery money and lie to Dan that it’s an inheritance.