Sally is looking at old photos of Rosie, and Sophie suggests that they make missing person posters. Meanwhile, in her attic prison, a desperate Rosie hits upon an idea to try and escape. Rosie manages to manoeuvre the wardrobe under the attic roof window, planning to smash her way through and shout for help.

Tony feels worried, angry and powerless as Carla leaves to stay with her friend in Los Angeles on the day that should have been their wedding day. A depressed Tony phones up his mate and partner in murder Jimmy and heads off to the pub to drown his sorrows.

Becky is stunned when DC Hooch arrives at Roy’s Rolls and arrests her for criminal damage and a variety of other crimes. Roy goes with her to the station, but Becky has to face Hooch on her own as he tells her he has witnesses to the incidents. Becky insists that she’s innocent, but she is charged and released on bail.

Also, Ken worries as Peter continues to struggle with looking after Simon. As Peter nurses a hangover, Deirdre and Blanche try to make Halloween interesting for Simon. Ken worries when Peter later sets off for another session at the pub.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Rosie knows that with John away it’s the best chance she has to try to escape and she manages to smash the roof window by climbing onto the wardrobe. Getting her head through the gap she spots a woman jogging below and screams for help, but the woman is listening to music and doesn’t hear her. Rosie loses her balance and falls from the wardrobe, knocking herself unconscious…

Becky tells Steve that she has been charged with assault and a horrified Steve insists he’ll have to retract his statement. Becky pleads with him not to, but she confesses that Hooch is a bent copper and has a grudge against her because she reported him for sexually harassing her when she was a teen. Later, Becky plants a smacker on Steve when Hooch drives past to back up her alibi, but the kiss is witnessed by Dan.

Maria steels herself to look through Liam’s belongings and it’s a tough job for her to do. But she is shocked when she switches on Liam’s mobile and discovers stacks of calls to Carla on the night he was killed.

Also, Deirdre leaves for France, without Blanche, who has been banned from the trip for causing trouble!