Fiz is annoyed by John’s unenthusiastic response as she excitedly talks about a holiday she has booked for them. John heads off to his gran’s to ‘feed the cat’ and Rosie tries again to convince him to let her go. Rosie is horrified when John confesses that he is going away on holiday and will have to leave her alone for a few days and in her panic she makes a mad dash for freedom.

Carla can’t bring herself to go into work and when Tony broaches the subject of the wedding she is dismissive. Tony is irritated at having to run both businesses, but Carla is oblivious. Liam’s parents arrange to see his body, but Maria can’t bring herself to go. Carla asks if she can join them instead, but Helen tells her she’s not family and refuses.

Blanche takes Deirdre to a committee meeting to talk about the holiday to France. Deirdre is surprised to discover that the committee consists of just one person and she’s even more surprised to discover that she seems to have been signed up to be a carer on the trip!

Also, Molly is surprised to get a call asking her to go for a wedding dress fitting.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

John searches the house for Rosie, who is cowering behind a door. Rosie makes a run for the front door, but John is too quick and catches her. John drags her back upstairs to the attic room and takes her purse, leaving her sobbing as he locks her in the room. On his way home, John he goes to a dingy pub and hides Rosie’s purse down the side of a seat, hoping someone will find it and report it – or at least use her card.

Carla flees the Rovers after her dressing down from Helen. She can’t face answering Tony’s calls and he is furious when she turns up late for the appointment with the vicar. But Carla has finally had enough and tells a shocked Tony that the wedding is off!

Molly confronts Tyrone about the wedding dress that she didn’t order and he confesses that he ordered it for her. Molly is concerned that Tyrone is letting Pam boss him around, but he denies her accusation and asks her not to cancel the dress.

Also, Amber’s romantic evening in with Darryl is ruined when Dev decides to stay in with Tara and a takeaway; Ken hears some sad news from his son Peter.