Sally is worried when she discovers that Rosie hasn’t been home all night. Kevin is convinced that Rosie has done it on purpose to wind them up, but Sally is not convinced. Sally calls Rosie’s mobile, but there is no reply. Meanwhile, Tony is tense following the events of the previous night but he tells Carla about Rosie trying to seduce him. Carla is troubled when she discovers that Rosie is missing, while Kevin hits the roof when he discovers Tony was the last person to see his daughter.

Leanne and Janice finally have their bankcard for the forged account and still can’t quite believe that the scam has worked. Janice tells Roger how much money she has ‘inherited’. Dan mentions to Leanne that he’d like to buy the bookies off his dad and a plan starts to form in her mind.

Mel wonders when Jerry is going to break the news to Finlay and Kayleigh that they aren’t just packing for a holiday, they’re moving to Spain permanently. Meanwhile, Darryl makes it clear to his dad that he wants to stay in Weatherfield. As Jerry and the kids prepare to leave, Gail is the only resident who knows that the family are leaving for good.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin and Sally report Rosie missing and they tell them about Tony and about Rosie’s new boyfriend. Tony is cool when questioned by the police and he tells Carla he has nothing to hide. But once he has finished talking to the police he Bluetooths the footage of Liam and Carla from Rosie’s phone to his own before throwing Rosie’s mobile in the canal… Meanwhile, John is interviewed by the police and asked some uncomfortable questions about his relationship with Rosie.

Dan and Leanne spy Janice and Roger unloading a flatscreen TV from Roger’s van. Leanne tells Dan she is saving her money for something special, but doesn’t elaborate. Later, Janice warns Leanne that they should avoid spending any more cash until Rosie is found.

Tom returns from New York and celebrates the business success with Carla and Liam. Liam and Carla are left alone when Tom decides to go out on the town and Liam tries to kiss Carla, but she rebuffs him. Liam makes his exit and Carla gives him a brief kiss goodbye, unaware that Tony has seen them and is convinced that they are having an affair.

Also, Becky and Jason find a flat but Jason is worried about telling his mum.