Rosie plans to split up Sally and Jeff (VIDEO)

Rosie’s on a mission to expose Jeff and tells Sophie she’s got a plan to break Sally and Jeff up, then Sally will get back together with Kevin and they’ll be a proper family again. She’s going to seduce Jeff so that when Sally arrives home she’ll find them in a compromising position and dump him. Sophie’s quick to point out the pitfalls, but she refuses to be put off. Later, Jeff quickly falls for Rosie charms.

A heartbroken Eileen decides Paul’s wife deserves to know the truth about her philandering husband. She arrives at the house all guns blazing, but when Lesley doesn’t react to the news and becomes confused she instantly regrets her approach. Rushing to Lesley’s side Paul explains their situation.

Sophie lies in order to go out with Amber and tells Kevin she can’t babysit Jack as she’s got a church meeting. She then tells Amber they’re on for their night out.

Also, Owen’s not happy about having to sneak out of the house after spending the night with Anna. But she still hasn’t agreed to tell Faye that they’re a couple; Eileen agrees to work for Frank; Chesney visits a downbeat Fiz in prison.

*Second Episode 8.30pm*

Jeff protests his innocence, but Sally believes her daughter’s story and orders him to leave. Feeling guilty, Sophie tells Sally the truth about Rosie’s plan to split her and Jeff up. It’s clear Sally is appalled by Sophie’s meddling and when Jason hears what his girlfriend has been up to, he goes on the war-path.

The girls hit the town and Amber spikes Sophie’s drinks, determined to spice up the evening. When a lad then tries to chat Sophie up, Amber kisses her, pretending she’s Sophie’s girlfriend.

Paul visits Eileen and for the first time is totally open about his marriage to Lesley and how much Eileen means to him. Paul’s hopeful they can remain friends. So much of Eileen wants to stay yes, but she can’t deal with being the other woman and tells him to leave for good.

Also, Chesney is horrified as Fiz contemplates pleading guilty in the hope of a more lenient sentence; and someone is watching Rosie.