Rosie agrees to Pepper’s suggestion to date both Paul and Frazer in the upcoming weeks to decide which man to choose. But when Pepper attempts to help Rosie out by exposing Paul as a philanderer, she ends up being swept away by Paul’s charms herself.

Meanwhile, Elle is disgusted that her dad is after a new woman so soon after his failed wedding to Lyn, but Paul appeases her with a swish Christmas present.

When furious Will confronts Paul about using his 2 per cent Lassiter’s vote to sack Ned, Paul threatens to blow Will’s cover, and is surprised when Will calls his bluff.

Sky lies about her single mum status to secure a job at a prosperous graphic design firm, and Susan is shocked that Harold seems happy and willing to cut down his hours at the store to look after baby Kerry.

Later, Sky asks Stingray to pose as her boyfriend for a work function, but is so unimpressed with his chavvie outfit, that she persuades him to go on a much-needed shopping trip.

Also, worried Susan admits to Harold that she has no choice but to break the law by not reporting Katya’s disappearance.