With Frazer’s new business venture and Rosie’s ultrasound coming up, Rosie and Frazer are in a happy place. But as their neighbours prepare a surprise baby shower, Rosie and Frazer receive some heartbreaking news.

Frazer and Marco’s new venture looks under threat when Steph objects to their application for a liquor licence, worried it will impact on her business. Meanwhile, Oliver also feels betrayed by Frazer’s alliance with Marco and their friendship is affected. After a run-in with Marco, Oliver enlists Steph’s help to block their application.

After bonding over the past few days, Dan is unwilling to let Samantha go. Hoping his affection may lead to something more, Samantha agrees to stay. Elsewhere, Libby is unaware of Samantha’s change of heart and hopes her departure will signal a green light for her relationship with Dan. But at the surprise party for Rosie, disappointed Libby discovers she couldn’t be more wrong.

As Angus’ sentencing looms, Rachel’s past comes back to haunt her. Susan allows Rachel to see Angus again, but Rachel initially rejects the suggestion. Zeke talks her round and Ty eventually understands why Rachel has been reticent around him.