Tony confronts Kevin and makes him one last offer for the garage. Kevin is close to accepting until Rosie turns up to show Tony the skimpy dress she bought for the fashion awards and in a fury he sends Tony packing. Meanwhile, Carla is disappointed when Liam cancels their meeting to look after an under-the-weather Maria.

Carla is at a loose end and decides to go to the awards after all. Rosie is gutted when Tony breaks the news and blames Kevin’s earlier altercation with him for scuppering her invite. In a fit of pique, Rosie tells Kevin that she gave Tony his client list. Kevin is furious, but Rosie storms out and gets drunk with Saj.

Liz is fed up with being played for a fool by Harry and invites Clarissa round for a summit. Liz tells Clarissa that Harry deserves what’s coming to him after the way he’s treated them both and they hatch a plan. Liz invites over an unsuspecting Harry while Clarissa hides and Liz tells Harry to strip off for some fun then blindfolds him. Harry is gobsmacked when Clarissa bursts out and drags him out with his trousers round his ankles!

Also, Janice and Leanne open a bank account in Rosie’s name.