Rosie and Sophie are in over their heads! (VIDEO)

Sophie and Rosie leave the Street to sort out the mess they've got themselves in to

Having been released by the police Sophie and Rosie decide to try and sort out the mess they have found themselves in, but they are shocked by what they find out.

Adam winds Daniel up about his lack of experience with women so when Sinead asks Daniel if he would like to join her in the factory again he snaps at her. When Chesney invites her for dinner, Sinead accepts. Sorry for upsetting her, Daniel heads over to the factory to apologise and one things leads to another…

When David hands Shona a thank you card from Lily, she’s overcome with emotion.

When Phelan clocks Seb stealing a war medal from the dresser drawer, he orders him to put it back. Having taken delivery of some parcels, Bethany realises they’re from Nathan and shows Gail and Sarah her online video.


Watch this clip from the episode;