Rosie spooks Tony

Tony is increasingly wound up by Luke, who enjoys reminding Tony he’s the boss. When a client comes in, Luke butters him up with the offer of football tickets then crows to Tony that the client has increased his order by 50 per cent. Tony’s day gets even worse when he has a funny turn after apparently spotting Carla, only to realise that it’s Rosie wearing Carla‘s cardigan.

Tony vows to take control back and he hires a private investigator to find out a little bit more about Luke, then invites a delighted Natasha round to his flat for a drink in a bid to take his mind off things. Meanwhile, Maria is stunned when she gets a letter saying that Carla is giving Maria her share of Ladrags.

Peter starts the day with whisky for breakfast and he’s miserable when he discovers that Michelle has gone to Ireland to look after her sick mum. Deirdre is concerned about his drinking, but he tells her to back off and insists he can handle it.

Also, Tara has yet to sell a piece of artwork and Uncle Umed thinks Dev’s a mug; Audrey tells Bill she wants him to repay the loan for the builder’s yard.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tony and Natasha are enjoying a flirty drink at his flat and things start to get passionate, but Tony can’t get Carla out of his head and the mood is broken. Natasha tries to quiz Tony about Carla, but he’s not keen to discuss it. Natasha is surprised when Tony stops her when she decides to leave and he makes it very clear he wants her to stick around.

Tom is peeved to discover that Maria now owns three-quarters of Ladrags after Carla’s generous gift and he tries to convince her that they don’t need Tony’s advice any more. Tom is left frustrated when Maria disagrees and tells him that she values Tony’s help.

Tara is gutted that there is no review of her art gallery in the Gazette and Dev does his best to comfort her. Dev is irritated with Uncle Umed when he insists that it’s further proof that Dev is being taken for a fool.

Also, Peter continues to drink heavily and rants to Tyrone about Michelle leaving for Ireland; Jason is gutted and bitter towards Audrey when Bill says he can only employ him as casual labour from now on as Audrey wants repayment of her loan.

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