Rosie stirs up trouble for John

Rosie is unfazed by John’s return and in typical Rosie-style she dresses for work in an even more revealing outfit than normal. But John only has eyes for Fiz and desperately tries to convince her that she should take him back. Rosie can’t resist stirring and lies to Fiz that John tried to get back with her, leaving Fiz confused about John’s intentions. John gets it in the neck from a furious Chesney, and an even more angry Kevin.

Jerry is still feeling unwell and he tells Mel that he has asked Teresa to stay on a bit longer while Mel goes on holiday. An unimpressed Mel says she will cancel her holiday rather than have Teresa stay, but Jerry insists she go on her holiday and let her mother take some responsibility for a change.

David arrives home at lunchtime to surprise Tina and finds her on the computer. Tina snaps at him when a nosy David asks her what she’s up to. Tina later joins David and Darryl for some beers in the shed and reveals that she was emailing some friends. She fobs it off as nothing, but David can’t help feeling suspicious.

Also, Clarissa tells Harry that she will agree to a divorce settlement.