Paul keeps quiet about his kiss with Rosie, while Lyn pretends she never doubted Paul’s fidelity. But suspicious Elle confronts Rosie who lies that nothing happened with Paul and tells Elle that Paul is very much in love with Lyn.

Worried about Rosie, Frazer encourages her to open up about her feelings for Paul. Confused, Rosie comes on to Frazer who resists her advances, but she ends up confessing what happened in the cellar, revealing that she’s deeply ashamed of the kiss.

Over-protective mum Sky asks Dylan to ensure Elle is never alone with baby Kerry. But Elle overhears the conversation and, upset that Dylan didn’t stand up for her, decides to finally end the relationship, telling Dylan she’s realised he isn’t in love with her.

Carmella is contacted by the head of her convent and told she can return to the fold providing her vow of chastity is still unbroken. Carmella tells a frustrated Will she’s not ready to go any further until she’s sure she no longer wants to be a nun.

Also, Karl is keen at first to lend Ned a hand with his personal fitness business, but soon shies away from the thought of hard work.