Rosie tempts John

Rosie has her first day back at Weatherfield Comp and she determines to make John feel as uncomfortable as possible by turning up to his lesson in her sexiest outfit. The other boys in the class are impressed and she immediately makes an enemy of jealous pupil Tina, who starts a brawl. Rosie later slips into John’s classroom while he’s marking papers and John can’t resist Rosie any longer, but Sally is about to push open the door!

Violet has finally forgiven Sean for going behind her back to find out the sex of their baby but Sean is increasingly unhappy about Violet’s decision to go it alone with their child. When the factory girls ask him about the baby he tells them that all decisions are up to Violet, but he is clearly unhappy with the arrangement.

Sarah runs herself ragged working two jobs and Jason feels miserable that he can’t provide for his family and he confides in a sympathetic Becky. Audrey reminds Jason that he needs to give Sarah some TLC and moral support and she gives him some cash to take Sarah out for dinner.

Also, Jerry struggles without Jodie; Carla decides to wait for Liam to return to Weatherfield before she decides about Tony’s offer.

*Second episode*

John panics when Sally knocks on the classroom door and he pulls away from Rosie just as an oblivious Sally walks in. Sally asks to resume her tuition and John feels forced to agree. Meanwhile, Fiz is angry when she sees that Sally has given him a lift home and he’s at the Websters’. Fiz accuses John of fancying Sally and he firmly denies it, but Fiz storms off to bed when she learns that he’s agreed to give Sally more lessons.

Violet is jealous when Jamie tells her that he’s going out on the pull with Lloyd and the lads, but Jamie has a change of heart and decides to stay in the Rovers and keep her company. After closing, Jamie leans in to give Violet a kiss goodbye but his peck on the cheek turns into a passionate kiss as an old spark is reignited.

Sarah and Jason have made the most of Audrey’s gift and they enjoy a romantic meal in the Italian. Jason romantically recites his groom’s speech which he didn’t read at their wedding and Sarah is touched. The couple return home more loved up than ever and David is furious that his plan to split them up seems to be failing.