It’s Fiz‘s big day but the bride to be is full of pre-wedding jitters, and with Chesney still refusing to go to the wedding it’s far from the happiest day of her life. Fixing a smile Fiz puts on her dress and prepares to leave. But when she’s greeted outside by a vitriolic Rosie she’s more on edge than ever. Arriving at the prison she’s met by John and finally admits to him that everyone’s against them, including Chesney.

Rosie plays it cool with Luke at the factory showing him she’s not interested, but secretly she’s hatching another plot to win back her man. Inventing a fake meeting she tells Luke he needs to meet his landlord back at the flat at lunchtime. She then secretly steals his mobile and texts Michelle to make sure she’s there, Luke falls for the scam without hesitation.

Dev’s furious when Amber tells him she’s thinking of jacking in university as she’s back with Darryl. Teresa’s not happy either until Dev tells her he has a plan to end their relationship once and for all.

Also; Norris makes it clear to Tina that he’s now the boss at the Kabin. Tina humours him while Norris interviews Kirk for a job.

*Second Episode, 8.30*

As John begs Fiz to go ahead with the wedding she’s in turmoil, knowing that by committing to this marriage she could risk losing Chesney forever. She is in Love with John but needs to work out who is more important to her, or whether she still has time to talk Chesney round. As she sits outside the prison in floods of tears Roy tries to console her. But back on the street Chesney tells Hayley he’s changed his mind, realising how much she means to him he urges Hayley to get him to the prison. The wedding is about to start though, and it’s a long drive.

Michelle arrives at Luke’s flat expecting to find Luke alone, but instead she walks in to find a semi-naked Rosie emerging from the bathroom. Rosie pretends to be shocked to see Michelle but Luke can see he’s been duped by her and sets about trying explain himself.

Determined to get Darryl out of Amber’s life Dev attempts to bribe him with £500 to move to Spain and leave his daughter alone. But Darryl just doesn’t know if he can leave Amber.

Also; Norris is very pleased with himself as he makes his first appointment at the Kabin.