Rosie’s been raped!

Rosie stumbles into the diner obviously distraught and tells Sasha she’s been raped by Mullins. Sasha takes her to hospital where she informs Sid of what’s happened but Rosie won’t talk to a specialist counsellor – she just wants to forget. Sasha tries to convince her to go to the police but again, Rosie refuses. Then, while they’re out for a walk, Mullins and his mates walk by and it’s too much for Rosie. She reports the incident to the police and bravely recounts her story.

When Dex arrives home, Sid tells him and Sasha that he’s calling a family meeting. Both believe this must be down to another blip in Romeo and Indi’s marriage but when Sid informs them that Romeo has terminal cancer, both are devastated.

Chris criticises Spencer’s cosy life and relationship with Harvey and Roo and tries to get him to come travelling with him but Spencer won’t have it. Then Spencer announces he’s going to go away with Chris for a few days, which worries Harvey…

Also, Gina and John receive Jett’s adoption papers.