Rosie’s forced to face her fear

An inconclusive pregnancy test forces Rosie and Frazer to face their conflicting hopes and fears about parenthood. Rosie voices her concerns about becoming a mum but Frazer’s enthusiasm for having a family makes her feel uncomfortable. When the pregnancy is confirmed, Rosie’s got some tough decisions to make.

It’s the first day back at school for Libby and Rachel, and Libby worries about her ability to stay impartial when it comes to Rachel and the class following the revelations about Angus. When Rachel comes under fire in class, Libby struggles to maintain control and, in the chaos that ensues, Libby is forced to assert herself, with Declan and Rachel forming an unlikely alliance.

Elle feels put out by the arrival of Heather Pryor, the new senior journalist at Erinsborough News. Becoming more irrational, Elle thinks that the cadetship is slipping from her grasp and blames Riley for her floundering state. Paul fears for his daughter’s sanity and takes action. In a rage, Elle releases her inner demons, which threatens to drive a wedge between father and daughter.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday May 12*

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