Rosie thinks she’s about to be released and she’s furious when John arrives with food and magazines, clearly not intending to set her free imminently. Rosie hurls abuse and books at him, but John explains that he hasn’t had time to talk to Fiz because she is caught up with looking after Maria. Rosie puts her predicament aside as she takes in the shocking news of Liam’s death.

Maria’s parents have arrived from Cyprus, while the Connors discover that Liam’s body is being released on Friday so the funeral can be arranged. Meanwhile, Tony is getting increasingly irritated by Carla’s grief and is finding it hard not to show his anger, but he manages to cover up his true feelings and is the picture of compassion as he helps with the funeral arrangements.

Dev arranges a date with Tara, but when Nina finds out about it she storms round to the shop and demands he cancel. Faced with no option he reluctantly calls Tara and tells her the evening is off. Amber, meanwhile, is making progress in her relationship with Darryl.

Also, Tyrone puts a deposit on a wedding dress for Molly; Blanche signs up Deirdre to go on a holiday to France with her.