Rosie’s safe but where’s Sasha?

Casey is walking along the beach with Tamara when he hears Sasha’s cries. He swims towards the two struggling girls and manages to pull Rosie out, leaving her safely with Tamara. He dives in again, eventually finds Sasha and struggles back to shore. John arrives and he and Casey lead the two girls back to the surf club where they have a bit of explaining to do.

Later, Sasha confronts Rosie about her behaviour and, unhappy with her response, hands back her necklace, ending their friendship. Sasha mentions Rosie’s odd behaviour to Natalie and suggests she needs her help and, seeing how delusional she is, Natalie convinces Rosie to apologise to Sasha.

Tamara still can’t forgive Kyle for abducting her and Casey in the desert and things are tense between them in the workplace. Realising Tamara is looking for a place to stay, however, Kyle sees a chance to make up for his actions and offers her his room – he’ll sleep on the couch. Tamara gratefully accepts.

Brax is worried about Casey and wants him to come up with a plan for dealing with Courtney in prison. Casey just wants to be left to deal with it himself, though, and tells Zac that he doesn’t want his help any more. He’s uncomfortable with Zac and Natalie’s relationship, feeling Zac used him to get close to her. Later, Zac confronts Natalie over her feelings for Brax.