Rosie’s the new boss at Underworld!

Tony’s furious to find he’s got a meeting scheduled for Monday and tells Luke he won’t be available until after Maria’s baby is born. Maria meanwhile is fed up with waiting for the baby to arrive and decides to take matters into her own hands by going for a long walk with Tony. But when Tony’s distracted Maria suddenly goes into labour. Looking round the deserted beach Maria’s starts to panic.

The factory girls are stunned as Rosie announces that she’s bought a share of the business and is now their new boss. Kevin’s mind is elsewhere and unable to stay away from Molly he finds her in the corner shop. Turned on by the risk element the pair kiss.

Eileen‘s all loved up after spending the night with Jesse. Jason meanwhile is smitten with Tina but when he suggests they spend the evening at home and get a takeaway Tina accuses him of being unromantic. So when a florist delivers a single red rose to Tina she assumes it’s from Jason, but it may be she has another admirer…

Also, Lloyd‘s fed up when he still can’t get in touch with Liz and suspects she might have met someone else in Spain.

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