Ross and Debbie kiss!

Debbie finds a teary Ross packing his things. He needs to get away from all the reminders of Donna, but Debbie says it’s pointless because his grief will follow him wherever he goes. As they chat, Ross gets more and more emotional until he gets so caught up in the moment that he kisses Debbie! The pair had a romantic liaison before Donna came along, but Debbie is now with Pete. Is she about to decide she’s chosen the wrong brother?

Marlon’s miles away as he and Laurel discuss plans for their wedding with their friends and family. Suddenly, he jumps up and says he’s got a text message from Chas who needs him at the pub. But when Laurel later talks to Chas, she realises Marlon has lied to her. Where has he gone?

Kerry has some explaining to do when Bernice finds her sleeping bag in the salon, and Harriet is saddened when Ashley tells her he’s had enough with relationships. Meanwhile, Debbie tells Pete she doesn’t want to move in with him. Could it have anything to do with snogging Ross?