Ross and Emma strike a secret deal!

Ross reckons that looking after his baby son Moses will be a breeze. Ha! But that’s not the case at all so he’s pretty relieved when his eager mum Emma asks if she can help out – on a regular basis. Ross agrees to it – but on the condition that Debbie, who hates Emma, never finds out. Later, Debbie praises Ross for his skills with Moses, unaware her enemy Emma has done most of the childcare!

It’s Bob’s birthday and he’s having a treasure hunt with his mates to celebrate. But while Ashley’s out looking for clues, he has a blackout. Confused, the vicar, who has dementia, stumbles into the road and is taken to hospital where he’s diagnosed as having had a mini stroke. Bob is worried when his friend fails to reappear from the hunt – and when he learns what’s happened to the vicar he urges Ashley to come clean to his loved ones about his dementia.

Meanwhile, unaware of Ashley’s failing health, Harriet and Laurel discuss the vicar. As Laurel swallows her own feelings for Ashley, she encourages Harriet to get serious with the vicar, but is totally floored when Harriet confides that she’s planning to propose to Ashley!