Ross and Marlon brawl at Donna’s funeral!

*Second episode*

After finding an axe lying about in the garage, Ross has managed to break free so he heads over to the church where he gets into a scuffle with Marlon! Cain intervenes and Harriet is able to get on with the service, but when Laurel tries to comfort a clearly distressed Marlon she may as well not be there for the attention he gives her!

Ashley’s had a big shock – Carole’s turned up with her husband, Graham – and he’s mortified as the pair argue. When Graham leaves, Ashley decides to end things with Carole, but she doesn’t take the news well and starts badmouthing him until Harriet leaps to his defence…

Although Pete’s concerned about how worried Debbie seems to be about Ross, he’s still determined to ask his girlfriend to move in with him, but will his nerves get the better of him?

Also, Finn’s angry that Victoria has told his dad about the search for his mum, Emma.