After saying their farewells to friends and family, Morag and Ross leave Summer Bay to start a new life together.

Ruby regrets her prank but is annoyed that Matthew is so angry about it, seeing as he drove her to it in the first place. But after some harsh words from Charlie, and seeing what Matthew is dealing with at school, she apologises. But although it seems he has accepted her apology, the next day she is stunned to find photocopied pages from her diary all over the walls at school, some detailing her crush on Miles Copeland.

When Aden goes into work to get his pay from the developers, he notices a second set of blueprints for the site, different to those on display. He informs Belle what he has seen. Belle asks him to get her the blueprints, but he refuses. Later, he changes his mind when he finds himself alone in the office, and grabs one of the copies. But it looks like he could be in trouble when Tim notices the missing copy. At the end of the day, Tim fires Aden, claiming they are overstaffed.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday December 3*