Ross and Pete are reunited with their mum Emma!

Finn’s still in a mood about his family’s reluctance to let Emma into their lives, so Pete and Ross take him out for a few drinks. When Finn suggests going to a gay bar, the brothers agree but the choice of venue makes Ross feel uncomfortable and things are awkward when the subject of their mum is raised. When Ross gets into a fight with a punter who should turn up to tend his wounds but Emma! How will Ross and Pete react when they realise that she’s their long-lost mum?

Cain’s decided to go through with the life-saving op on his brain aneurysm, but when Moira turns up at the hospital she’s annoyed to find Charity is already there as they all face a big day  ahead. Is there more to Charity’s concern than meets the eye? Could she be falling back in love with her ex?

After Robert tells Aaron that he’s given Adam the money to set up their business he’s bemused when Aaron admits he’s having second thoughts about Robert being involved in the venture. Aaron, however, is thrown when Robert reveals his feelings for him…