Ross attacks Pete!

So Ross Barton is back and it turns out he’s far from over his bitter feud with Pete. Emma’s surprised to see her son, but Ross is in no mood to listen to her going on about James and Chas. He’s desperate to see Pete. Unaware of the danger that’s about to hit him hard, in his caravan, Pete is packing. Suddenly Ross appears at the door and knocks Pete out cold with a baseball bat!

Robert’s ears prick up when he hears Bernice has moved into Home Farm. Already struggling with life with the Whites after hearing she won’t be sharing a room with fiancé Lawrence, will Bernice prove useful to Robert when he takes her to one side to talk about her new family?

At Woodbine Cottage, Edna is devastated to see Sandy go. But he’s thought of a way they can keep in touch and hands her a walkie talkie! As Belle returns to the village, Zak and Lisa hope the news of Kirin’s recent arrest for drugs will put an end to her crush on him.